Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.)                                      Bachelor of Education

The B. Ed. is a two years regular teacher training course approved by National Council Teacher Education (NCTE) and affiliated to MGS, University. The course curriculum intends to professionally equip women teachers with all the requisite theoretical knowledge and practical skills required by the teachers to handle the challenges of the classroom of the new millennium. On the completion of the course an external exam will be conducted by the university and the successful candidates will be awarded degree by MGS, University, Bikaner.

Medium of Instruction

1. The medium of instruction for the B. Ed. course will be English & Hindi.

2. The medium of the Examination will be Hindi and English.

Teaching Methodology

An integrated teaching program covering both the theoretical & practical aspects effected by way of:

  • Lectures cum Demonstrations
  • Explanations & Narrations
  • Work-shops / Seminars
  • Role-plays ?Team Teaching
  • Group Discussions
  • Project Method
  • Collaborative & cooperative method
  • Assignment & Home work
  • Power point Presentations
  • Field Trips

MGS University, Bikaner (Raj.)

Faculty Name :-Education, Program Name :- B.Ed., Annual Distribution of the Two year Courses 2019-21

Internal Assessment shall be as follows: (for each year)

  1. Micro Teaching
  2. Regular Teaching Practice
  3. Criticism Lesson
  4. Teaching Aids (5 Per year)
  5. A. Attendance, B. Seminar, C. Work shop
  6. Open Air Session and Community

Games, Cultural & literary activities.

& Beautification & Sharmdan.

  • Report of Any feature of school
  • Case Study    b. Action Research
  • Unit Test
  • Sectional  Assignments (All Subjects)
  • External Assignments

University Exam shall be as follow: (For Each Year)

1st year (Compulsory Papers)

  1. Childhood & Growing up
  2. Contemporary India & Education
  3. Learning & Teaching
  4. Language Across the Curriculum
  5. Understanding Disciplines & Subject

2nd year

  1. Gender School & Society
  2. Knowledge & Curriculum
  3. Assessment of Learning
  4. Creating Inclusive school
  5. Computer Education
  6. Optional Paper
  7. Environmental Education

Teaching Subjects means subjects offered by the Candidate at his Bachelor or Master’s Degree examination the as a Compulsory or as an optional subject or as a subsidiary subject provided that candidate studied at it for least two year and also took University examination each year but shall not include such subjects as were by him/her only for a part of Bachelor Degree Course.

(B) Pedagogy Course (Teaching Subjects)

1 Hindi                                                                  2 Sanskrit                                                             3English

4 Social Science                                                 5 Civics                                                                  6 History

7 Economics                                                       8 Geography                                                      9 Business Organization

10 Accountancy                                                                11 Mathematics                                                12 Home Science

13 General Science                                          14 Chemistry                                                      15 Biology

16 Physics

(C) Optional Coursed

Optional Course will be offered in areas such as given below or an additional pedagogy Environment education.

Engagement with the field:- The self, the child community and school. Task and assignment the run though all the course as indicated in the year wise distribution of the syllabus:-

  1. School Internship

Course on Enhansing professional capacities (EPC)

First Year

  • Course EPC 1 – Reading & Reflecting on texts
  • Course EPC 2 – Drama & Art in Course

Second Year

  • Course EPC 3 – Understanding the self
  • Course EPC 4 – Critical Understanding of ICT

NOTE: – The minimum attendance of student- Teachers shall have to be 80% for all Courses work and practicum and 90% for school Internship.

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