We are committed to provide trained & committed woman teachers with teachers with multi dimensional qualities & Professional competencies in the field of Education.
Serving the humanity:- To prepare the teachers capable of responding to the global social demands and meeting the challenges in education. To rejuvenate the teaching- learning process with ICT and value imbedded education. To address to the ever emerging issues and problems of school and teacher education and discover the remedial measures . To ensure the contribution of all stakeholders in the pervasive sustainable development of the society.
We envisage our students to:- Imbibe right attitudes, values, ideals and ideologies. Achieve academic excellence through hard work, critical thinking and effective decision-making. Facilitate learning among their pupils through appropriate skill and methodologies. To become the center of academic excellence in the area of teacher education by providing quality teacher education programmes at per with the national and international standards to the rural youth inculcating in them our culture heritage and values along with complete education.